Deadline 31 Dec 2023

Love in the Age of Enlightenment – Dossier “Diciottesimo Secolo” IX/2024

Within the framework of the extraordinary success of the history of emotions in recent world historiography, “Diciottesimo Secolo” intends to make its own contribution to the reflection on the body-mind relationship and the peculiarities of the ways of experiencing, in particular, love relationships in the eighteenth century.

Barbara Rosenwein argued, that emotions are historically moving and evolving “cultural dispositions”. Thus, it seems appropriate to question the role and meanings attached to perceptions of bodies and their various representations as well as the possible fallout this entailed in the questioning of more traditional models of society and gender relations.

This monographic section thus aims to raise questions and issues both about the subjectivity of individuals, men and women, reconsidered in its bodily dimension, along with the emotional and sentimental sphere of the West – and, hopefully, of other societies – in the Age of Enlightenment. Was that really the period in which the new emergence of modern sensibilities was witnessed? What sources would best reconstruct the social practices of affectivity? To what extent can they be considered credible? And how to circumvent the perhaps inevitable risks of interpretive distortion, of anachronism?

Without necessarily wishing to delve into issues related to the creation/sharing of interpretative theoretical models regarding affective standards of specific societies, the purpose here is therefore to investigate the different facets of affective and love relationships between sexes and generations of different affiliations (cultural and religious, territorial and social, concerning status or gender). Holding firm to the strongly interdisciplinary character proper to the Italian Society for 18th century studies, it is therefore hoped that the plurality of investigative approaches may raise new questions both about that “dark undercurrent” of the Age of Enlightenment that was the amorous sentiment and about the techniques that best allow us to approach it in analysis and critical discussion.

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In addition to the monographic Dossier Love in the age of Enlightenment, issue IX/2024 of “Diciottesimo Secolo” includes three additional sections: “Saggi” (Essays), “Note critiche” (Critical Notes), and “Recensioni” (Reviews). Submissions in the “Essays” sections are subject to double blind peer review.

The deadline for submissions is December 31, 2023. 

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We welcome papers in Italian, English and French. 


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