Get Credits for your Review Activity

Fup is proud to partner up with ReviewerCredits, an online platform that certifies, measures and rewards the activity of scientists as Peer Reviewers.


The peer review process is the cornerstone of scientific communication, which the vast majority of scientific Journals employs to select and prioritize innovative articles. It is a crucial job, which carries great responsibility and requires significant time and effort, generally unpaid and unrewarded. The main reasons driving scientists to participate in the peer-review process, is the willingness to be active in the research community for the advancement of science and the willingness to contribute in return for reviews received for their own articles.

However, relying only on a volunteer effort with a lack of any form of recognition is proving problematic: while established Journals (with higher impact factors) can benefit from their own pool of trusted reviewers, smaller Journals struggle to find available scientists for peer review. Additionally, since reviewers work for free, they are often not motivated to meet the expected deadlines, and the overall quality of their contributions relies only on individual integrity and cannot be evaluated. Obviously, this decreases the efficiency and effectiveness of the system, as well as causing heavy delays in the publication cycle.

ReviewerCredits places scientists, the driving force of scientific communication, in pole position. It certifies, measures and rewards their activity as Peer Reviewers and as Conference Speakers. While several metrics have been developed to appraise and quantify the work of authors, articles and journals, no metrics and no rewarding system exist to recognize and reward peer-reviewers performance. ReviewerCredits fills this gap: by certifying performed reviews and conference talks, it creates a reviewer’s indexing score which will complete a reviewer’s personal profile, providing academic and tangible rewards.