Enhancing Discoverability

FUP works hard to increase the visibility of your journal and support authors in promoting their research. But here are a few things you can do to maximize your journals’ discoverability.

  • Create a powerful Aims and Scope: define the what and the how to your audience, be concise, effective and highlight the benefits for your community of authors and researchers.
  • Help your authors to increase their article’s search engine discoverability: FUP does everything possible to ensure that all research content is visible and high ranking in the search results of Google and the other major engines.

Authors can also play role in optimizing search results at the article level – helping people to find, read, and cite your content. Some tips to increase your article’s search engine discoverability:

  • Create a search engine friendly title: keep it short, avoid abbreviation and jargon.
  • Optimize your abstract: be clear, informative and place the essential findings and keywords in the first sentences.
  • Use keywords throughout your article
  • Link to your article across your social media, networking, and institutional sites
  • Consider press releasing your most newsworthy articles. Use social media to increase engagement with your journal community. A blog or a podcast series can be very powerful tools to reach and expand your audience.
  • Provide assistance and support to Authors on how they can increase the impact of their work
  • Consider collating themed content into a virtual issue in order to generate new readership from specific areas, or showcase content aligned to a particular event