Submission & Peer Review

Each submission is subject to a rigorous quality control and peer-review evaluation process before receiving a decision. The initial in-house quality control check deals with issues such as competing interests; ethical requirements for studies involving human participants or animals; financial disclosures; full compliance with FUP’s data availability policy, etc.

Submissions may be returned to authors for queries, and will not be seen by our Editorial Board or peer reviewers until they pass this quality control check.

The Editor-in-Chief is responsible for conducting the peer-review process and for the final decision on the submitted article. To learn more about the Peer-Review Process please click here.

In case the journal operates double-blind peer review, you must remove all the author details, alongside any funding details and acknowledgements that could identify the author. All this information can be provided in a separate document during the submission.

Once the submission process is concluded, your paper will be assigned a manuscript ID: using this identification number you will be able to track the status of your paper through all the editorial stages.  Furthermore, this ID number enables the unequivocal identification of your work in any correspondence during the peer review.

We encourage authors to provide their ORCiD IDs when submitting a manuscript. See this page for information and guidance about ORCiD. Find out more about ORCiD by clicking here.