Deadline 15 Jan 2022

[CLOSED] Form@re Call n. 1/2022 – Educational conditions and inclusion processes

Rules in educational contexts can reflect socio-cultural, economic, and political boundaries linked to affiliations and identities related to society. The organization of the educational spaces and training resources can contribute to the maintenance of these boundaries (alsoas a form of social control) or support a gateway for change and for promoting innovation.

The space organization and the selection of resources can play an important role in the inclusion and exclusion dynamics in the different educational and training settings, from early childhood through to school and workplaces, encouraging or hindering processes of reprocessing, creation, protagonism, integration, self-esteem, and empowerment.

If inclusion is an integral part and a key condition for ethical and effective public engagement, too many remain excluded from the engagement processes due to systemic barriers and inequalities. What educational and training conditions can trigger and support processes of inclusion? Which professionals are intentionally called to facilitate them or which ones could be involved in this process?


Guest editors:

Francesca Bracci, University of Florence

Giovanna Del Gobbo, University of Florence

Daniela Frison, University of Florence

Laura Menichetti, University of Florence


Language: English, Italian, French

Deadline: The contributions must be submitted by January 15, 2022

Issue Publication: March 2022


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