Featured Projects


The editorial collaboration with FUP will also concern the journal «L’ospite ingrato» of the Franco Fortini Interdepartmental Research Centre in “History of cultural tradition in the 20th century”.

A new journal, «Archivi e risorse orali» (OAr) of the Department of Philology and Literary Criticism, will be launched to fill a gap in the Italian publishing sector, where journals dedicated to the world of archives mainly refer to ‘written’ archives. It hopes to become a virtual meeting place for the academic world, central State institutes, the Ministry of Culture and its subordinate bodies.


With the aim of providing specialised monographs and/or conference proceedings, simple and comprehensive teaching materials on topics traditionally addressed in treatise form or with sectorial approaches, the following series will also be launched:

Quaderni del Dipartimento di Scienze Politiche e Internazionali

Strumenti” of the Department of Law

The series “Open Geo – Geografia, esperienze e società del Dipartimento di Scienze sociali, politiche e cognitive”(divided into three thematic areas: Theories, Methods, Applications and Manuals) will be dedicated to the publication of new contents and research using geographical approaches (human, nature-society and GIScience) from both a theoretical and applicative standpoint, focusing on policy and project dimensions for solving current problems that have a spatial dimension. In particular, it will privilege topics concerning the challenges of Agenda 2030, of open science, of digital transformation and of networks and communication.

Furthermore, an inter-university series, “Politiche e strategie per l’uguaglianza di genere e l’inclusione. Temi, ricerche e prospettive dei CUG delle Università di Siena e Firenze”, is about to be launched. A collaboration between Siena and Florence universities, it will collect contributions deriving from the activities of the Single Guarantee Committees for equal opportunities, the wellbeing of workers and against discrimination at the two institutions.

The USiena Press-FUP catalogue will also include the University series UNIverSI. Ricerca – Didattica – Terza missione all’Università di Siena” (collana.universi@unisi.it), divided into three macro-sections:

  • Research, including contributions relating to the results of specialised research carried out in the various scientific areas represented within the University
  • Teaching, including textbooks to be made available in open access to all students
  • Third mission, including outreach-oriented publications relating to public engagement initiatives