Deadline 10 Apr 2022

[CLOSED] Form@re Call n. 2/2022 – Design and evaluation of learning outcomes

For some time, attention to learning outcomes has been at the center of the debate on the renewal processes of training systems. Designing and evaluating educational and training interventions in terms of LO would allow to refine the understanding of the achieved and missed results, providing targeted indications to all the actors involved in the training, teaching and learning processes.

Although the pedagogical literature has been urging in this regard for some time, teaching processes aimed at loyalty to the program and teaching units or mainly LO in terms of knowledge are still widely rooted inthe education system, from school to university. The high rates of failure and drop out from school or university (in Italy among the highest in the EU and about double those set by the “Europe 2020” objectives) remind us, however, that the challenge still requires in-depth research on the topic and maximum dissemination of outcomes, with a wider involvement of the research world in Public Engagement actions.

The call solicits research contributions of a theoretical, empirical, comparative nature with international openness and adequately documented experiences on the following topics:

  1. requests for change in the planning and evaluation of university learning in terms of learning outcomes;
  2. instances of change in the design and evaluation of learning in the non-formal context (continuous training, funded training, training for vulnerable people …);
  3. teacher training on planning and evaluation in terms of learning outcomes;
  4. training of trainers on planning and evaluation in terms of learning outcomes;
  5. relationship between planning in terms of learning outcomes and skills certification processes in the formal, non-formal, informal context;
  6. student voice research or experiences on learning outcomes.


Guest editors:

Daniela Robasto, University of Turin

Emanuela Torre, University of Turin

Roberto Trinchero, University of Turin


Language: English, Italian, French

Deadline: contributions must be received by 10 April 2022

Issue Publication: June 2022


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