Deadline 31 Mar 2023

Cambio. Open Call for Papers 2022

Open Call for Paper CAMBIO

CAMBIO. Rivista sulle Trasformazioni Sociali is a peer-reviewed and openaccess electronic journal. It aims to promote a multidisciplinary scientific debate at international level, arising from both theoretical and empirical contributions focused on the processes of change that are affecting individuals
and societies in contemporary times.

The journal, which is published by Firenze University Press and has been awarded the “Class A” by the ANVUR for all sociological sectors, turned ten years of age in 2021.
Every issue features a monographic theme on which researchers and social scientists debate their views, without the exclusion of contributions from the other human sciences and, when called for, the so-called natural sciences.

The Calls for Papers for the planned monographic sections can be found at the following link:

This Call for Papers seeks contributions for publication in the non-monographic sections, as detailed below:
Essays and Researches welcomes contributions on various topics, with a preference for those relying on innovative research designs and methods;
Eliasian Themes aims to cultivate the journal’s roots in Nobert Elias’ tradition, by hosting discussions of his works, but especially by favouring theoretical reflections and research works that explicitly refer to his theoretical architecture and analytical methods;
Re-reading the Classics collects theoretical reviews of classic books, aiming to show the newness of the thought of classic authors.

Full articles, either in the Italian or English language, must be unpublished and not submitted for evaluation to other journals. They must not exceed 60,000 characters (with spaces) including references, figures, and tables.

Submissions are first evaluated by the members of the Editorial Team within four weeks. If the manuscript is considered suitable for publication, it is sent to at least two reviewers. The peer review process is double-blind, whereby both referees and authors are kept anonymous. Referees are asked to evaluate the manuscript within four weeks. Once the peer review process has been successfully concluded, the articles will be published as Just Accepted Manuscripts on our website.

In order to accommodate the publication schedule, all contributions must be sent by 2023, March 31st and 2023, September 10th.

Please click here OPEN CALL FOR PAPERS 2022 to read the open call for papers pdf.