Deadline 02 Mar 2020

[CLOSED] Exploring Landscapes of Research

Ri-Vista is launching its first CALL for 2020. We invite authors to submit proposals for the June 2020 issue. In continuity with the previous issue, the next one also intends to draw attention to the themes and keywords in the European Landscape Convention in the year celebrating the 20th anniversary of its signing. Recognizing the ELC’s innovative nature and considering the 2008 guidelines as a powerful implementation device, Ri-Vista 1|2020 aims to explore the state of research internationally in cross-disciplinary environments dedicated to the training of specialists in “landscape appraisal and operations”.

For Exploring Landscapes of Research, Ri-Vista aims to collect scientific contributions that reveal the promising intersections between research, training and professional activity generating the most fertile conditions for experimenting with and updating the tools and methods of landscape projects.

In our opinion, these environments can be seen as particularly fertile areas of experimentation in innovation where various lines of research have been explored over the last two decades in developing appropriate tools to support “landscape specialists” in the different phases of the “protection, management and planning” process. Considering that landscape projects are capable of transversely and adaptively dealing with the complexity of contemporary settlements, Exploring Landscapes of Research will highlight some of the main investigation trajectories and crucial design issues.

Specifically, the call focuses on a special category, ordinary landscapes and everyday areas, in three main topics of investigation and critical reflection:

1. interpreting and describing ordinary landscapes

2. representing and communicating projects for everyday areas

3. reinventing common places and public spaces with landscape architecture tools

Deadline submissions:March 2, 2020

To submit your full paper, please go to our submission platform:

Registration and login as Author with the Ri-Vista system is required to submit and follow the submission process online. Later, the account is necessary for following the status of your submission.

The proposals have to be unpublished and written in Italian or English; the text can be of 20,000 to 30,000 characters, including spaces, title, authors, abstract, keywords, captions and references. The proposals have to include a minimum of 5 — a maximum of 10 pictures with good definition (at least 300 dpi/inch and 25 cm the smallest side) free from publishing obligations or accompanied with the specific permission.

The selected papers will be published in the thematic section of the 1|2020 issue of Ri-Vista.

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