Deadline 29 Apr 2019

Exile and internal exile in Latin America, n. 10/2020

Editors: Giovanna Campani, Martha Canfield, Judy Kreith, Carmelo Spadola

The issue will be divided into two parts:

Countries of exile – refugees, Jews, anti-fascists in Latin America during World War II

In May 1939, the ship Saint Luis, with 937 refugees, of which 930 of Jewish confession, on board (mainly Germans), sailed from Hamburg in the direction of Cuba, but once in view of the Cuban territorial waters, the government of Federico Laredo Bru denied entry to passengers. All travellers had official visas or permits that allegedly guaranteed them entry to the Caribbean nation. But the story proved insensitive, when the then Cuban president Federico Laredo Bru invalidated those authorisations by decree and did not allow the boat to enter the Havana port.

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