Deadline 15 Jun 2023

Critical views on Latin American comic strips

The Cultural Secretariat of the IILA - International Italo-Latin American Organisation, opens the call for participation in the 5th issue of the journal "Quaderni Culturali IILA" - 2023

Latin American comic strips, as an object of study, had a slow entry into foreign universities and even more so in Latin American ones, undervaluing their cultural impact and the potential of their language. However, in recent years, this has begun to be reversed through the organisation of congresses and seminars, the emergence of specialised groups and journals, as well as the creation of chairs dedicated to their study. In these instances, the establishment and expansion of the canon has been discussed, as well as the status of the comic strip in the academic sphere, taking into account the tensions that arise when approaching it critically.

For this reason, the new issue of the journal “Quaderni Culturali IILA” will aim to focus on Latin American comic strips, considering their various artistic, cultural and political manifestations.

The journal “Quaderni Culturali IILA” invites researchers, institutions, and users to submit articles that propose critical readings of Latin American comics, based on the following themes:

  • The status of comic strips in Latin America.
  • Latin American comic circulation networks.
  • Feminisms, masculinities, and other identities.
  • Rescue of cultural heritage.
  • Reappropriation and influence of foreign comics (genres, manga, etc.).
  • Indigenism
  • Urban and rural spaces in Latin American comics.
  • Medicinal graphic narratives.
  • Historical or memory narratives.
  • Distribution formats: magazines, digital comics and/or webcomics, books, fanzines.
  • Formalities and games with the language of comics.
  • The role of the author in Latin American comics.
  • Latin American comics and their relationship with other media (cinema, TV, theatre, etc.)

Articles of no more than 5,000 to 7,000 words shall be submitted by 15 June 2023. The documents required for submission and the rules of the journal can be found at:

The languages accepted are Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, French and English.

Download the pdf of the Call (ESP | ITA | ENG | POR | FRA)