Deadline 31 Aug 2020

[CLOSED] Form@re Call n. 3/2020 – Artificial Intelligence and Education: New Research Perspectives

The most recent developments on Artificial Intelligence (AI) contributed to defining new systems for the collection and treatment of empirical data that interrogate educational research in an interdisciplinary way. Nowadays, educational institutions are managing a massive production of data that feed new AI models based on contents and processes analysis in different fields. A first area concerns the growth of intelligent and highly personalized environments based on the use of learning analytics technologies that orientate towards increasingly inclusive educational contexts able to guarantee universal access to knowledge. Moreover, one additional field of study of particular relevance is that of AI related to digital citizenship, which focuses on how to achieve adequate AI education through actions and specific tools to reach an ethic analysis about algorithms and technologies used. This research area leads to important and urgent reflections on the conscious use of AI models in our society.

In relation to these areas, the call aims to describe the state of the art on theoretical studies and experiments carried out to contribute to a research able to define innovative perspectives connected to AI applications in education. In short, the main topics:

Artificial Intelligence and educational research

  • AI for teaching/training
  • Learning with AI Systems
  • Architectures for AI-based Educational Systems
  • Learning analytics systems
  • AI and augmented reality technologies
  • Adaptive Educational Systems
  • Theories and methodologies of AI in cultural heritage

Artificial intelligence and knowledge

  • Knowledge representation
  • Big data and machine learning for education
  • Big data and cultural heritage
  • Robot Intelligence
  • Social Network Analysis
  • Change management

Artificial intelligence and ethics

  • AI based social/moral and ethical learning
  • Socio-cultural effects
  • Ethical approaches and normative constraints
  • Policies on AI in Instruction
  • AI and digital citizenship

Guest editors: Chiara Panciroli (Università di Bologna), Olaf Zawacki-Richter (Università di Oldenburg, Germania), Pier Cesare Rivoltella (Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore di Milano, Italia), Maurizio Gabbrielli (Università di Bologna).

Language: English, Italian, French

Deadline: papers must arrive by August 31, 2020.

Issue publication date: December 2020.

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