Deadline 30 Sep 2023

Agrometeorology for sustainable water management in agroecosystems

Climate and weather variables are major drivers of agroecosystem production. On one hand, current and future climate change is causing an increased evapotranspirative demand from the atmosphere, but on the other hand it is also affecting the availability of water for crops.

As a result, ensuring water availability for the agricultural sector is a pressing issue and it is necessary to rethink irrigation management in order to improve water use efficiency and maintain or increase crop productivity. Considering this, there is an urgent need to strengthen the agricultural water sector by developing sustainable water management practices, including advanced irrigation methods, tools, and strategies to enhance the resilience of agroecosystems. This Special Issue welcomes original research papers, methodological papers, and review articles in agrometeorology that provide insight to the:

  • Increase in irrigation efficiency to enhance the resilience of agroecosystems in a climate change scenario
  • Crop water requirements, crop water use efficiency, and methods for assessing actual crop evapotranspiration
  • Advanced technologies and innovative methodologies for implementing smart irrigation
  • Soil-water interactions (i.e. increase soil water holding capacity, rain water harvesting)
  • On-farm experiments methodology for facilitating the research-farmers knowledge exchange on irrigation management
  • Extreme weather events and crop productivity

This activity is carried out within the Agritech National Research Center, which received funding from the European Union’s Next-Generation EU. In particular, it is related to Spoke 4, dealing with multifunctional and resilient agriculture and forestry systems for the mitigation of climate change risks. Please prepare and submit your final paper strictly according to Author Guidelines (

Submission deadline: September 2023

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