Deadline 01 Oct 2023

Aesthetic Habits

In recent years habits have been at the center of the international philosophical debate, both in the perspective of historical as well as in theoretical and empirical research. Habits are often understood as dispositions which enable the exercise of individual and social activities: from the most common daily practices to highly qualified and specialized skills such as sports practices, artwork creation, playing musical instruments, and participating in social events

Thereby habits influence the organism/environment interaction and contribute to shaping personal and collective identities. Habits can introduce social change or manifest political views and engagement. Also, the aesthetic life seems to be related to the abandonment and / or the acquisition of habits. Yet, since habits may be thought to involve monotony and lack of creativity, how can habits be reconciled with aesthetics? The present issue of “Aisthesis” aims to discuss this question by focusing on the connection between habits and the aesthetic life.

Contributions are welcome concerning the following and related topics:

  • Aesthetic habits and taste: what is the role of aesthetic experience in the constitution and functioning of habits in general? How do aesthetic habits influence taste judgements?
  • Aesthetic habits and artistic practices: What is the relation between art, creativity, imagination, and habits? Can aesthetic notions such as style, taste, ritual, performance, comfort, and atmosphere be understood in terms of habits? What is the relation between habits, expressiveness, and aesthetic normativity?
  • Aesthetic habits and social practices: what is the role of aesthetic experience in defining, transforming and disrupting social habits? How are aesthetic habits influenced by algorithms and AI? How do aesthetic habits interact with political practices? What is the role of habits in establishing the aesthetic identity of political, social, cultural, religious, and gender minorities?
  • Aesthetic habits and new perspectives in aesthetics: in what way does the concept of aesthetic habit contribute to the elaboration of a philosophical conceptualization and investigation of fashion and design? How aesthetic habits give shape to the way people look at nature? What is the role of aesthetic habits in current research in media studies, everyday aesthetics, environmental aesthetics, evolutionary aesthetics, and gustatory aesthetics?

Deadline: 1 October 2023

Expected release: End of December 2023

Advisory Editors:
Alessandro Bertinetto (
Mariagrazia Portera (

Submissions should be made through the usual mask at:

Contributions must be submitted in English or French and must strictly adhere to the Aisthesis Guidelines. Only contributions compliant with Author Guidelines will be admitted to peer review. The Author Guidelines can be downloaded here.

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