Deadline 10 Apr 2021

The call is open for contributions to QULSO Vol 7 (2021)

Maria Rita Manzini, Università di Firenze, Italy
Leonardo Maria Savoia, Università di Firenze, Italy


QULSO is an open-access peer-reviewed journal providing a forum for scholarly debate for Linguistics and Oriental Studies researchers in Italy and abroad.

The journal publishes articles relating to the analysis of natural language in its various aspects, paying special attention to the following fields of inquiry:

  • theoretical models of language;
  • the description of linguistic systems;
  • language variation in historical, typological, and sociolinguistic perspectives;
  • linguistic structures of languages of the Orient and their historical evolution;
  • experimental linguistics (psycholinguistics, neurolinguistics) and applied linguistics;
  • pragmatics and semantics;
  • communication.

You are reminded that the article should conform to the style sheet and in general to the format of QULSO  (you can find it HERE and it should be sent on or before 10th April 2021.

You are invited to send a  proposed title by the end of January 2021 .